2020 Jewelry Trends

Jewelry has a very interesting effect! Earrings, necklaces, wristbands or rings are among our favorite accessories that can instantly change your outfit. Although the jewelry we choose according to our personal style is unique to us, we need to consider the jewelry trends. Below are the charms we’ll see in different styles everywhere in the coming months… ❤❤❤

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Yesss !!! Among the 2020 trends there are name letter necklaces. you can use your favorite person’s name or your own name.


PHOTO: @piacattapan
It is an accessory that is fashionable in the past and still fashionable.I hope it never ends.


PHOTO: @jessalizzi
If we look at the Trend cycle, chains often appear. Especially in the new year, when thick and oversized chains come to the fore, we’re all becoming rockers! Pair these jewelry, which you can try on necklaces and wristbands, with graphic T-shirts. The thick chains we see in gold and dark shades of Grey are among the most trending jewellery of the year.


PHOTO: @bblyn
The charms, influenced by surrealism, are in front of us with eccentric figures. Animal figure earrings or symbol rings… all eyes will be on your jewelry!


Handcuff wristbands of different thickness and forms are indispensable of minimal style!
Photo: @pernilleteisbaek


PHOTO: @svc____
We don’t know if we need to say that Statement earrings are trending again, but the huge wobbly earrings that are at the top of the trend chain are also keeping their place in 2020. Crystal rocking earrings, huge stones and tassels … your ears are literally having a feast!


PHOTO: @reginaanikiy
The Trend is not exactly a new trend, in fact it started to come alive in the ‘ 90s to a large extent, so it’s not surprising that it’s coming back into play because it’s a very cool and punk style.Historically, chain belts in fashion were first popularized by the Chanel brand. These belts are not meant to keep your pants upright, they are like a jewelry accessory that is worn around your waist. While our ears are adorned with bright jewelry, our necks become boring as we descend towards the waist, the most beautiful solution to this is chain belts.

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